Wealthy Affiliate Certification Training Programs

Wealthy Affiliate Certification Training Programs

Wealthy Affiliate University most comprehensive online education available anywhere. Here is an example of your fist 5 Certification programs. This does not include there Wealthy Affiliate Training Boot camp and many other training programs.

Online Entrepreneur Certification – Level 1

Online Entrepreneur Certification Level 1 consists of 10 task based lessons. Each lesson includes a written portion and a comprehensive video based lesson followed by tasks for you to complete before moving on to the next lesson.

Here are the 10 lessons:

  • Getting Rolling
  • Understanding How to Make Money Online
  • Choose a Niche
  • Building Your Own Website
  • Setting up Your Website
  • Getting Your Site Ready for SEO
  • Finding content Ideas from Keywords
  • Understand Website Pages and Creating your First 3
  • Creating Quality Website Content
  • Congratulations and your Next Steps

Online Entrepreneur Certification – Level 2

Level 2 also consists of 10 task-based, comprehensive written and video lessons.

The lessons in Level 2 are all about building a traffic producing website and methods used to get visitors to your site.

Online Entrepreneur Certification – Level 3

The 10 lessons in Level 3 are all about my favorite subject…

Making Money!

Online Entrepreneur Certification – Level 4

The 10 lessons in Level 4 are all about Mastering Social Engagement.

This a very important part of managing an online business in today’s world.

These lessons are invaluable!

Online Entrepreneur Certification – Level 5

Level 5 consists of another comprehensive 10 lessons entitled:

The Business of Content – Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation.

Bill Gates is famous for proclaiming in 1996 that “Content is King”.

That is still true today and level 4 will teach you all of the aspects of content creation.