Get your “Mind Habits Right” before Starting an online business

As you read this article: I’m certain the you have landed on the page as a result of extensive Google research on:

  • Making the decision Starting an Online Marketing Business
  • Or Making sure the business is not a scam
  • Or Research on the many online businesses available

I like you,  have just started this journey.

I went through a Tough Life Lesson that drove me to start gaining knowledge. I started doing research on topics like, Mental Toughness .  Being mindful and aware of all my decisions,  I desire to get myself  back on track and focused. What I desire from my life is, not much different from what most people desire,  To have the freedom to make my own choices.. However, Getting what you want is simple…but its not easy- Mel Robbins

I also discovered that everyone arrives at a point in there life where they stop and think, how did I get here, what brought me to the place of, Where I am right now…good or bad!

This is important….All of your decisions are predetermined by a series of cognitive biases that push you to make  decisions for every single step, of every minute of your life.

Most People Want The Easiest Path To Success With The Least Amount Of Work Possible! I’m certain that you have rolled your eyes and said, oh ya, I can think of a few people that fit in this category.

Well guess what…. as I’ve discovered, actually we all fit in this category…  and whats interesting is that, its not your fault,  It’s Your Brains Fault!

Before you start any business. Make sure your create a Belief System that is, Prepared to take action. You need to listen to Mel Robbins. This May Change Your Life!

How to stop screwing yourself over | Mel Robbins | TEDxSF

Video on manage Self Sabotage ( the 5 second rule) 

I chose  Wealthy Affiliate for this reason…I needed a program that covered two basic principle of success

  • First Successful Principle : Get Coached on Starting your business….the Most successful people in the world, all work with Coaches through out their entire career.  
  • You don’t know what you don’t know! The more you learn, the more you realize How little you know about an enormous topic…but you are willing put the time and effort in to becoming an expert at it.
  • Second Successful Principle: Never Stop Learning…. Wealthy Affiliate certification program teaches me through a successful curriculum . How to learn at becoming successful and the rest is up to me. Right Mel! 

Have you ever thought how much it costs to heir a coach and go back to school to begin learning an entire different set of skills Related to managing an online business, I would guess around $20,000 to $30,000 per year.

I went to University, gave a lot of money to an institution that taught me, how to make myself attractive to the work force. As we all know, an educational institution doesn’t promise you a position, you need to go out and do that for yourself

So, at the time when I graduated i was in debt and had no job.  In hindsight, I now realized that…. what University taught me was to create a mindset on one basic objective …your career and financial success, will be determined as a direct result of you….. working for someone else!

Fast forwarding to my life today….. I began to make choices and landed here.

I decided to consider spending all of my efforts with Wealthy Affiliate, because you get the opportunity to